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Communities of professionals don't just spring into being on their own. In this episode we welcome a special guest, Mike Clement, to talk with us about his experiences in starting and building communities. Meeting with a group of kindred spirits can make a huge difference in your career.


[00:00:00] Host introductions. Special guest Mike Clement. Mike's involvement in getting the UtahSC group started.

[00:06:41] The format for the UtahSC group was chosen to avoid burn out and encourage peer-based learning. Basic format: opening circle, 0-3 lightning talks, reading discussion, & hands-on coding.

[00:10:11] Low barriers of entry help with inviting and including people. Be careful to not drive people away. Be intentional about how inclusive you are on each axis.

[00:16:33] Each community has its own characteristics and brings its own value. You can find people willing to talk about what you are interested in.

[00:19:50] There are many common issues that span technology stacks. Coding exercises can be programming language agnostic. Connect with other attendees to teach and to learn.

[00:24:51] Community doesn't happen on its own; you need to put is some effort. Get out of your company echo chamber. Participation brings a sense of ownership in the group.

[00:32:46] Asynchronous communication helps keep the conversations going. Communities can also do other types of activities, like code retreats, workshops, or speakers.

[00:35:50] Going virtual may enable others farther away to join, but you lose some of the value which comes from the effort to attend. Making connections with other attendees can help you with new opportunities.

[00:37:42] The UtahSC group has made an impact on us hosts. Get inspired to go out and create something; sometimes you have to be the one to start the thing you want to see.

[00:41:38] Building a core group helps with consistency. "Come be one of us." There is a sub-community of organizers who can help you get started.

[00:43:22] Outro

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