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TDD is one of the most powerful, professional practices we are aware of for designing code. It provides a consistent way to make sure you solve the problem at hand while naturally improving your code quality. This episode takes a deep dive into your hosts' thoughts on the practice.


[00:00:00] Host introductions. TDD means you write tests first. It is a code design methodology.

[00:07:33] The refactoring part of TDD lets you improve "clamped down" code. "The devil is in the details, and in software it's all details!" Testing-after leads to brittle tests with a lot of setup.

[00:14:37] TDD is a professional way of coding. Your business should want you to practice TDD so you can maintain a sustainable development pace. A regression suite is a side-effect of TDD.

[00:19:19] TDD helps you write more composable code rather than reusable code. Focus on solving the problem; don't make a sewing machine for your basketball shoes.

[00:23:55] Applying TDD to the testing pyramid, not just unit testing. "Am I using the dependency correctly" as a definition for integration tests. Can you store an entity in the database and then get it back?

[00:27:28] Test the code you own; don't test 3rd party code. Don't put logic in your persistance layer. Databases are generally harder to scale than your web application tier.

[00:31:29] Fewer tests as you move up the testing pyramid. Avoid asserting everything in your tests, especially if you are using mocks.

[00:33:24] How do you get started with TDD? Practice with small katas or pieces, not with the full complexity of your production code. "Test-driving would never result in code this bad." Add tests to a codebase a little at a time.

[00:39:35] Web frameworks have improved, but can still be very difficult to test. Extract your logic to a place that is easier to test.

[00:41:37] What if your team members aren't practicing TDD... or even testing? TDD might still be helpful (even if you throw the tests away after!), as long as your code isn't too divergent.

[00:47:42] Get buy-in from your team and use CI. "Change your company or change your company." TDD creates a "10x developer" system. Can you have a productive partnership with the other developers in your team?

[00:52:21] Don't be dogmatic: times and places where NOT to TDD? Separating out your business logic cannot be overstated. Context matters; what type of work are you doing?

[01:03:22] Outro

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